Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bread and sand

Great excitement in our house today as the post lady delivered our new bread maker this morning. So the old one got given to the girls for their kitchen outside. It has been struggling to mix for months now then it stopped baking properly a couple of weeks ago. I inquired about repairing them and it's just not worth it. They also have my old vacuum sealer - it had lasted almost a dozen years so did a good job but packed up for good with 3 Christmas biscuit packets to go. So much fun for little girls to push buttons and pretend to make food.I am excited about my new machine which can make 1,5kg loaves (the first one I have ever seen) as well as gluten free loaves (which will be great for Ruth as gluten free bread is incredibly difficult to make). It's really such a clever machine and you can modify the preset programes as well as saving your setting to 8 "favorite" recipes. I also got a 3 year warranty on it so that I can know I will last. A friend has gone through 2 machines in 2 years - so it will be good to have the guarantee of 3 years use.
The girls enjoyed playing that the cats were Royal Cats and they had this fancy throne.
I was so surprised this morning to wake up with absolutely NO muscle pain.
"Thank You Lord!!!"
So I did not make an appointment with the physio but unfortunately by the end of the day I could feel that the muscles were starting to get tight and sore again. So I will have to keep stretching and Brendon gave me another arnica rub this evening and we will have to wait and see how things go. The physio is only working in our area again on Monday and the chiropractor is also only working again from Monday. So if things are not better by the end of the weekend I will possibly see the physio on Monday.

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