Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ruth on recorder

Ruth learning to float on her back with a board.
The water was up to 21 today and it was great to finally have the sun shining for their lessons.
Rachel also learning to float on her back with the board. Still struggling at lessons today to get her head under the water.

Ruth is enjoying learning to play her recorder with the book Rachel learnt to play with. She is just playing B but slowly learning to look at the music and play what the music tells her to play. It's a lovely book with accompanying cd. First it's played with a recorder and then again without. Ruth is doing really well. She has only done this two or three times.

It was such a lovely day today that we all headed back down to the pool once Dad was home. I spent quite a bit of time with Rachel and eventually had her holding my hands and going under with me. And so after much prayer she has finally overcome that fear. I then showed her how to push off the wall and swim like a dolphin and off she went. She now loves swimming under the water and I thank the Lord so much for helping her with this.

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