Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinner prep with no Mum

Rachel brought the teachers some banana bread that she made yesterday as a thank you to them. She was so excited to show them how she can now go under. Here they are jumping up so that they can go down and have a tea party on the floor. Rachel is so very thankful and is now learning so much.
Every day Ruth is doing better too. She was blowing her bubbles so well and gets her eyes in the water too a bit now. Good job Ruth.
I finally decided I had to do something about my sore arm. So when Dad got home I headed off to a physio appointment in Amberley (half an hour away and 25km further than the local one). The physio in our area only works on Monday and so I decided to rather not wait. I am so glad I went. She was really good and I think we will travel through there in future.
While I was out Brendon took the girls down to the pool. When they got back Dad barbequed the sausages, Rachel made a salad and they both got the potatoes done. Ruth wanted to eat outside and so the little two helped clean and set the table. We ate just after I got home and it was such a lovely meal. I feel so very blessed with this wonderful family.
As soon as Ruth was done she wanted to show Dad her tree climbing abilities. This branch serves as a good horse too. :-)

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