Friday, January 1, 2010

Guests for cake and tea

It was lovely again to have the Spencer family join us for morning tea (and eat some cake with us). The children again had a wonderful time playing.I finally got the nails in the other side of the sandpit cover. Rachel checking that she knows how to unhook it. This really is a favorite playing spot especially for Hannah. You can see the lovely shade it gets.
Although Brendon worked this morning he was home by 11 which was lovely. He has chosen to work the extra public holidays and then rather take a day off at another time. So we get a double benefit - he's home before lunch today and we get a whole day with him at another time.
While the girls slept today we got to finish watching Oliver Twist (which I had taped last Sunday and Monday). Rachel had read an abridged version in December and so it was nice for her to watch too. Although there were some points where she left the room because she knew what would happen and chose to skip it. But on the whole we all enjoyed it.
So lovely to see the girls playing so nicely together. Quite a tight fit for Rachel though. I only guessed that there were in here because the kittens had come over and were smelling about.
Brendon caught this action shot.
Kerry had given me a huge lamb roast this morning and so I decided to cook it up today. I am so glad I did because I chatted to Julia at 3 and invited them around for tea.
Hannah loves her meat and always stands here while Dad carves and gets her share. She ate so much today that we did not expect her to eat much else at the table later.
The kittens had their full too.
It was lovely to have Brian and Julia join us as it's been a while since we last visited. They got to meet the kittens and listen to loads of Rachel's news.
We had cake for desert and Ruth and Hannah had loads of energy (sugar) to burn off. So they had us laughing (as they normally do).
What a magnificent ending to a special day.
This photo was taken at 9:15pm. The wind has been really strong the whole afternoon and brought the clouds this evening. But you can still see how light it is at this time. The house was filled with a beautiful glow from the clouds though. Really pretty.
Julia was sharing how she was cycling the other day and just singing praises to God as she looked around at His beautiful creation. I was reminded again of how lovely it is living in the country. It's almost like being on a permanent holiday.

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Jacqui Cunningham said...

I can't believe how gorgeous the sky looks in this photo! We are also having to get use to long days, as the sun only sets at 8:15 at the moment. I guess it's better than 9:30. I love seeing how your girls are growing, and glowing. What precious gems!