Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day in bed

Rachel was not feeling well today and spent most of the day in bed. The younger two kept themselves busy but our day was not the same without Rachel around.
After some reading the table became a toy for spinning. Tiger was more than happy to be spun a round by the girls. It always amazes me how much fun children can have with a table. :D
Rachel was feeling a little better this evening and managed to listen to her daily audio bible. They read through the New Testament in the year. She did not start on Jan 1, but has listened to all of the readings from Jan 1 and has caught up so that she listens to it every day now. She is also excited about making friends on the site from all over the world.
In "quite time" this evening (from 7:30 till 8 when Hannah is already in bed) Ruth started playing with the peg board. Again one of those toys I had forgotten about. She had a great time and looks forward each nigh to doing her "Maths".

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