Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy day in town

It did not take long this morning for the girls to get the cats on their laps. It was amazing to see Hannah sitting in one place for so long.
Brendon had been quite nervous this morning because when he left at 5:30 he could not find the kittens anywhere. But when I got up just after 6 they were at the back door. So we are hoping they will get used to their new environment quickly and not wander off too far.
By 9am we were on our way to town. I have just recently made contact with a fellow Willow Ridge High student and it was great to get to see her again and meet her 3 children. Rachel and Layla are both 8 and they got on so very well.
When we were planning our get together she offered to watch the younger two for me while I took Rachel for her filling today. So it was all planned for today and while the younger two had their nap we headed to the dentist. Rachel chose to watch Ice Age 2 while they got to work. They were very good and she did not even notice when she got the injection.
Hannah had decided she was not interested in sleeping this afternoon - so she kept Ingrid busy. Ruth woke up a little after we got back and they enjoyed some time drawing before we left. We look forward to them visiting us at the farm some time soon.
The drive back was exhausting. It felt like the road was 3 times longer than normal. I am sure the fact that I have gone into town 3 times in the last week is a main reason for it.
After the dentist appointment I went to buy some material for throws for over the lounge furniture. So although the edges are not done yet, the one set was quickly put over the furniture to help protect them from these cats. The material was so cheep (and they had a 30% discount) so I got two sets for less than what I thought one would cost.
At least being babies they also sleep quite a lot, so I got to enjoy a little rest while the girls bathed - with two little kittens to keep me company.
The kittens also got this scratching pole which they love to play with. So we are hoping our furniture will survive.
Ruth enjoying a cuddle time and giving dad one of her "happy faces".

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