Saturday, November 7, 2009

Worry, worms and wood

Hannah looked quite worried about her big sister Ruth. Here she is copying Mum and gently touching her head. Just 2 days ago Ruth was showing love to her big sister who was ill. Ruth had a hard night again last night and I ended up spending a couple of hours lying next to her as she struggled with her cough. It helped her get to sleep and it also helped me to be close enough to know that she was not choking with the horrible coughing.

This morning we all got enjoy watching this crow with a juvenile. It must have been training day as it started out with the juvenile following the adult around chirping loudly for food and often getting food given to it by the adult.

After a little while the juvenile started looking in the group itself and we got to watch it catch it's first worm. At first it did not know what to do with it and dropped it a couple of times before working out how to get it down it's throat.
How blessed we are to have these wonderful things to look at in our garden. We do serve a wonderful creator and feel so blessed to be able to enjoy His wonderful creation every day.
Dad got stuck into clearing out some of the veggies the previous tenants had left in the garden while I got the front lawn cut. These parsnips had gotten huge (at least the part above the ground). As you can see they are higher than Brendon's waste.
So the chooks have loads of greens to eat for the next few days. Rachel also enjoyed the rides. She just loves being outside and had so much fun with Dad this morning.
Ruth's meds arrived at 10 and after her first dose she went to bed and slept till 12. I am glad she could get that extra rest and I pray that these meds will help her get well soon.
After lunch Ruth came for a cuddle and a story and Hannah will want to be left out.
They both had a great afternoon sleep and when they woke Brendon was at the office doing some weekend checks and fetching wood. So the girls watched a Barnie movie. It is so sad to see Ruth looking so ill. Her temperature has been up and down today and I am thankful it has not gone above 39.
When Dad got back Ruth wanted to go out to help with the wood too. We told her that she could come out but that she needs to be quiet and not too active. It did not take the girls long to find a way to climb onto the trailer. Hannah was first up from the other side and climbed over the pile of wood very successfully. Ruth was clever and walked along the edge. Hannah thought that would be fun too and so got some balancing practice in.
It was not long though before Ruth was passing pieces of wood to us. She has got such a servant heart and will always want to help.
Watching some news with Dad before bed.
Ruth has missed Rachel today and was a bit upset by how quickly Rachel left when her lift arrived yesterday - she did not even get to say goodbye as she was in the bath at the time. So we have made a note to not let that happen again.

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