Friday, November 6, 2009

Chest infection

The colds that started last weekend have caused more problems as the week has gone on. Rachel had been coughing the whole week but responded well to the cough mixture I have. But poor Ruth has really struggled with a terrible cough last night and the cough mixture did not help. It's the first time a cough has not responded so I took her to the doc this morning.
I moved her into the spare room last night so she would not wake the other two with her coughing and she slept in this morning to make up for that lost sleep.

She even wore a mask at the doctors rooms. Such a big girl. Unfortunately she has a chest infection. So again the doc has prescribed anti-biotics (penicillin) which he said is not strong but is fast acting and does not stay in the system for long. So that will be sent out to us overnight. Until then I will try to clear the infection with the homeopathic meds I used for Rachel. Thankfully Rachel does not have any pain in her ear this morning although it still feels blocked. The doc checked Rachel's ears and said that they have improved enough that the anti-biotics are not needed. Praise the Lord.

Hannah has discovered how much fun pockets are.

Ruth was feeling well enough to do a bit of gluing on our craft this morning.

Rachel said my kitchen looks like a pharmacy.
Rachel got all her work done quickly today and so had extra time this afternoon to finish off her embroidery while listening to her new Narnia cd. She said that it is better to have a busy day with lots to do rather than have a day that you can rest but have such pain. So she is very thankful to be feeling better.
Hannah having some fun with Dad when he got home.
Well done Rachel. It looks great.
One huge motivation for Rachel to get well was that she did not want to miss out on her weekend visit at Grace and Hayley. She got a lift to youth group this evening and then went home with her friends and they will bring her back on Sunday on their way to church.
She has been looking forward to this the whole week. I am so glad she is well enough to go.

Ruth was well enough to give Hannah some "tickle time"

as well as helping her with some puzzle building.
I am thankful that Ruth has not been too bad today. The test will come tonight though as that is the worst time for the coughing.

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