Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quiet day at home

This morning I was feeling rather tired and as soon as Hannah saw me lying down on the couch she headed over with a book. :D
A little later we headed out to get the outside jobs done and while I was watering the veggie garden I decided it would be a good time to cut the grass. There was a bit of wind about but it was quiet warm. So the girls sorted the chooks out and played around while I quickly got the grass cut. Brendon worked this morning and it was nice to have it done by the time he got home.He was not feeling great though as he has a head cold and a tight chest. So he also took things easy today and ended up with two little ones on top of him.
Rachel joined us this afternoon in watching a few episodes of Master Chef Australia that I had taped through the week. Brendon and I both needed to have a quiet afternoon - so it was nice to enjoy this with Rachel.
When the younger two woke from their nap I made them some popcorn and they watched a movie while I made dinner. So it was a nice relaxed day at home for us.
"I loathe the consequences my children sometimes choose because of their behavior!" from Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell.
Lately we have agreed on some consequences with Rachel. She has a few bad habits that we would like to help her get out of. One of which is leaving her plate or bowl at the dinning room table. So the consequence for this is that she will then have to do the dishes for the next 24 hours. We do have a dish washer - so most of the work is just rinsing and packing. But there were quiet a few extra dishes this afternoon from the popcorn and dinner prep. I felt so bad that she had to spend so much time at the sink and kept reminding myself that this was the agreed consequence and the "waist" of time will teach her to do the quickest thing and just take her plate to the sink when she is done.
So I had to have a lot of self control and let her just carry on. After a while though I headed over to give her some company and also some advice to help get through the work a bit quicker. I do hope she has learnt her lesson....

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