Friday, November 13, 2009

Homeschool Spring Day

I was really thankful that today was a public holiday. Brendon worked this morning but was home by 10. Hannah was in arms most of the day - so it was a huge help having him home. It was lovely to have a long weekend. This afternoon Hannah had a bit more energy so we managed to get to the end of the Homeschool Spring Day that had been planned for today. Ruth and Hannah enjoyed petting our friend's goat. And while the girls and I were looking around at all the creations Brendon got roped into a banana box car race. I was disappointed that we missed it. Well done Brendon for winning. :D
We enjoyed a BBQ with them and discovered that Ruth enjoys olives. Finally I have someone to join me.
Because it was a last minute decision to go (with Hannah not being well) I made a last minute salad of cous-cous with capsicum and a nice dressing. I was really complimented when Rachel only chose my salad and went back for seconds.
Ruth petting a friendly dog on our way out.
I was glad we came even if it was for a very short time. It was good to see what things were done so that next year Rachel and Ruth can make and enter some items themselves.

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