Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spray and Display

We got started on this weeks art project. Today we sprayed the blue paint on with toothbrushes. Ruth told Dad we used toothbrushes and then Rachel had fun teasing Dad and telling him that she used his.
We got some nails at the shops yesterday - so the art work can be displayed. This is probably one of the reasons I never liked doing crafty things with the girls - what do you do with all the creations. Our study is going to look amazing in a few weeks time.
Rachel decided it would be fun to make flower displays. So the girls went around the lawn picking weeds and creating different art pieces.
At least Hannah gave it a try. :D
Ruth did a great job.
Rachel's creation.
Rachel also had fun creating this scene with the big chalk.
And a picnic lunch sounds like a great idea for a beautiful day like this.
Rachel made them a tent when it got a little too hot.
Hannah will often be awake for ages after putting her in bed, so today for her nap time I gave her a bottle to drink in bed and she fell asleep so quickly. It's not often she falls asleep in the same position you left her. We will have to see if it works every day (I do hope it will).
Tickle time with Dad while Mum gets dinner ready.

Not the product you expect to see in the bathroom. But yes, I am putting olive oil in the girls bath. I made contact with a South African family in Christchurch who have a 6 year old daughter who is adopted. I phoned on Sunday to see if we could meet on Monday but it was too busy for them. We did have a good chat though and when I mentioned that I generally have to re-do Ruth's hair because she says it's time (possibly itchy) she suggested I put olive oil in the bath and let Ruth get her hair wet. The oil gets onto the scalp and helps the skin. So we will see how it goes.

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