Monday, October 5, 2009

Box and blue

Ruth had fun this morning with an old box. She took all the tape off it and then opened it up and when Rachel came down after doing some school work she was invited for a bus ride. Through the day it was also a car and a train and even a bed.
I had fun watching Hannah this morning. She was on a mission. First she picked up everything that was lying on the floor, dumping it all on the couch, and then brought this step and practiced jumping off. She has so much fun.
We have started a new craft for this week. First some blue paint.
At least Hannah could have a little bit of a go.
And then the older two painted the sky. Ruth has not really learnt her colours yet but it seems by painting the blue sky today the information has been filed correctly in her little mind.
Brendon had a really good work out at squash this evening. He was nauseous when he came off the court - so you must know how much he ran. It reminded him of his athletics training.
We had not seen the duckling today and so were really pleased when we got to see them for a few seconds when we arrived home. The parents flew off but the ducklings knew exactly what to do and headed into the safety of the grass. Later I spotted them coming out of the water but only the adult birds were visible in the long grass. At least they have stayed close. We hope to get a better view of them soon.

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