Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bed, bird and berry

Ruth and Hannah made a bed on the couch.
Hannah did not seem to mind it being so small.
But I suggested they use the spare bed and they thought that was a great idea. Such happy faces.
Rachel gave them a "boat" ride as they sing "row row row your boat".
Garfield (our scaredy cat) managed to get out today. On my third attempt I caught her and got her back in. I think they are needing their wings clipped and on 2 of the 3 attempts the owners son drove past and the second time stopped to chat. He offered to clip their wings for us. So hopefully Brendon will get a hands on lesson soon on how to do it.
Ruth was my helper on the 3rd attempt at catching Garfield. So once she was in we walked around the garden. It was exciting to see little blossoms starting on our raspberries.
But unfortunately one of the raspberries seems to have been eaten. It makes me wonder about that "poor" possum that was in the area last week.I love the concentration on the girls faces.
Adding grass.
And it really looks great.
I needed to find a dress to return to someone and it had been packed away. I had been wanting to sort through all the clothes but needed this to get me started. One of the luggage bags with packets of clothes in got locked and would not open. But my patient husband managed to wiggle it loose finally.
Thankfully I marked the packets with age and season. So many of the packets can stay closed. It was more to sort the extra clothes we have been given, pack away those that are now too small, and find summer clothes that will now fit. Both Ruth and Hannah had so much fun trying things on.

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