Saturday, October 24, 2009

Balloons, book, bike and bump

We managed to buy a bigger sleeping bag for Rachel at the shops yesterday so Ruth got Rachel's one from last year. Hannah was our alarm clock and was up every morning at 7 sharp.
We had to laugh at Rachel this morning as she had wiggled completely out of her sleeping bag. I will have to make sure I zip her in tonight.

I went with a couple of adults into Staverley and saw this lovely little museum in the old Staverley School house. It's a typical "Little House on the Prairie" type school and I will make sure to bring Rachel to see it next year.
Sport is always on the go at camp and Brendon joined in for some soccer.
The children enjoyed a water balloon fight...
and then some quiet games indoors. Rachel decided to get her book out.
Someone brought this bike with and the children took turns riding and pushing.
What are big sisters for...
The meals for camp stay the same each year and one of the favorite items is Saturday night desert. The huge blocks of ice cream get cut up and served between wafers. Yummmmyyyyy.
Unfortunately Hannah had a fall this evening. She runs so fast so it was bound to happen at some point. She tripped on the gravel and cut her head.
But as long as she has something cold to suck on she will tolerate ice on her injury. Thankfully Chris had some steri-strips and so we got her bandaged up.
No shoes in the chapel so for every session there is always a collection of shoes outside.
We had our baby monitor with so were able to get the younger girls in bed and then just listen out for them. They did really well with sleeping in a different place.
Milo and games time after the evening session. Rachel is always allowed to stay up for play time till 10pm.

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