Friday, September 18, 2009

Rachel's day out

Ruth's sorting skills have developed wonderfully with all her puzzle building. She had over 60 pieces out at one time to get all these puzzles made.
Rachel did such an excellent job on her entry for the Spring Flower Festival colouring in competition. Well done Rachel. I think it is excellent. The Festival is tomorrow but all entries had to be in by 12 today.
Rachel spent the day with Bob and Lynn. As a reward for her hard work through August she earned this special treat. We planned it for this day so that she could use some of Lynn's wonderful flowers for her flower saucer entry for the Festival.
It was lovely that these stayed close with us right next to the road. Ruth has learnt about the lamb drinking from the ewe but got to actually see it today which was great.
Lynn's dog is also such a sweety and so Ruth got to enjoy some time with her.
After a short visit Ruth, Hannah and myself headed home. Lynn offered to bring Rachel home later this afternoon. Rachel has been looking forward to this day and had a great time. For some more details from Rachel check out this link.
We got a load of deliveries this morning which was great fun.
And boxes are just so much fun.
One of the packages was Rachel's Math-U-See programme including these manipulatives. The younger two had played with them soon after they arrived this morning, but Rachel got a turn too. She was so excited that they had arrived.
I also had a nice relaxing day. The younger two had a really good afternoon nap and I used some of that time to get Rachel's Narration Station finished.
I will give Rachel a narration assignment (eg: write about your day visiting Lynn) which I put in the small "info" pocket. I put her narration book into the big pocket and move the "ready" sign to "in". Once Rachel has done the work she will put the book back in the pocket and move the "ready" sign to "out". Then I know to check it for her. I then re-write the narration into a different book, putting any incorrectly spelled words in pencil for her to write over. She may then add a picture to her narration if she wants to.
Rachel was so excited to see that it was already finished. She has already completed her first assignment. My goal is that she do at least one assignment a week. But it's pretty much left up to her.
My inspiration for this came from this site.

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