Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ballet and Brownies

Rachel and I had a long day ahead of us. We left home at 8 with Rachel dressed and ready for her Ballet exam.
Advantages to being first in the day and on time (20 minutes before the exam) - the teacher gives you a nice warm up and some encouragement. The one girl only arrived just before they went in. So it was relaxing to be a bit early and get to see their teacher. The rest of the day she would be in with the examiner and so they don't get to see her or talk to her much.
Warming up.
The first three for the day.
The teacher did actually come out once they were done - giving the examiner time in between groups and she said they did well.
Then we rushed off to Rachel's Brownie day in town.
Thankfully we had not missed much and so Rachel found her group for the day.
It started off really cloudy and cold. But there were so many fun things to do I don't think the girls really noticed. Rachel is far left of the parachute.
There were so many activities and it kept them busy from 10 till 3. So I headed off to do some errands and shopping.
By the time I got back it was beautifully clear and warm.
Just to give you an idea of the number of girls. There were pippins, brownies, guides and rangers participating in today's events.
We made it back to Hawarden by 4pm to collect Rachel's flower saucer and picture. We had Hayley and Grace with us on the way back so we collected their items too. Kerry then brought the rest of her children and they joined us for dinner.
While the children were playing in the garden they found these eggs. How very exciting.
Kerry brought me some beautiful daffodils.
The 3 toddlers eating at their special table. Little Ben was playing with the mobile in the back there and Hannah was just so interested in him. So all 3 girls really enjoyed their visit.
A bible story (or 3) for the older children before the Spencer family headed home. We had a lovely day.

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