Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Horsing around

Ruth giving Rachel a back tickle..... :D
Rachel had an appointment to do a Badge assessment for Brownies this morning and was SO thrilled to meet the ladies pregnant mare. She was such an amazingly gentle horse and I am sorry I did not get a photo but she even put her head right on Rachel and so enjoyed her affection. Rachel did really well with her badge too.
It's also a pity I did not get a photo from directly in front of her. She was huge. They have 4 pregnant mares who will be going somewhere else within the next couple of weeks to have their babies and then they will come back here. Rachel looks forward to being able to cycle the 2 1/2 km to their house at some point so that she can help with grooming. These horses are so gentle and the lady is so friendly. Their farm is just at the entrance of the farm that Brendon works at, so Rachel and I are already making plans for her to cycle there - work with the horses and then get a lift home with Dad. First though her foot has to heal and she has to build up her cycling fitness to be able to manage the distance. She knows it's the equivalent of going down to the post box 2 1/2 times (as that's a 1km round trip).
When we came in these foals where lying down but when we left they were up although they were on the other side of the paddock.
While I opened the gate, they decided to come over and say hello. They are beautiful and so friendly. It says a lot for the owners as all their horses seem to have such lovely characters.
Ruth tackled the 48 piece again and managed on her own this time.
Now she has to go back to the ones she has done before. She had tried Rachel's 48 piece fairy ones, but they are just too hard for her. Then the girls enjoyed watching Beethoven 3 this afternoon.
Accompanied by their own Beethoven.
And while the older girls watched Hannah went off to play in the room on her own.
Ruth getting some oil put on her body with sister Hannah wanting to help.

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