Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guess who

Hannah does not normally sit still for long to listen to stories. BUT when it comes to these little books it's a different story. This set is all nursery rhyme books and her favorite one is "Sing a song of six pence".

We still don't have the proper pipe for the dishwasher, so it sits out a bit for the pipe to come over the front. It makes a fun spot to play though.
Hannah was not feeling great today. I can finally see the eye teeth below the gum and I think they have been worrying her. When she was cuddling so nicely (with one of her big soft blankets to lie on) I asked Rachel to quickly take a photo - she does not often give long cuddles - she is far to active most of the time.
Ruth tried a fairy puzzle again. But it really is too hard. So I asked Rachel to build it for me. She started it again and even had to ask for help because the pieces can go in the wrong place and with pieces being so very similar in colour it can get tricky.
Rachel has been putting her foot in cold water this week and she will often be seen with book in hand..... She is on book number 5 of the Little House on the Prairie series (there are 9 in total).
The first of the puppets are finished. Two twin snakes. I had to wait for my buttons to arrive. I bought a whole lot of different ones off Trade Me. So finally I have my own stock of buttons started.
After dropping Rachel for the Brownie lift club at the school we went to collect more chicken books that had arrived. The younger girls enjoyed looking through them when we got home. The big one in the middle is great because it shows the life cycle so nicely. Ruth started by saying "look, the chicken has a baby in it's tummy" and from there I could show her how the egg is laid and the bird grows in the egg. Always pointing out that there is only a baby chick growing because there was a rooster with this hen. And we DON'T have a rooster.
Ruth seems to build puzzles a bit like her Granddad. Nana always says he builds little islands all over the place and that was exactly what Ruth had done today with this one. There are 60 pieces in this one, so she does really well if you think she is only 3.

Brendon and enjoyed watching "Guess who" this evening. Finally a comedy that was quite funny.

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