Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shower fun

Enjoying a feather that Rachel found.
Rachel had Brownies this afternoon so we thought it would be a good day for the girls to join Dad in the shower when he got home. They have both wanted to shower with him and although it was an adjustment to having the water on their faces they both really enjoyed it. Rachel showered and washed her hair when she got home and she enjoyed it to (even though she made sure no water got on her face). So it looks like we finally have a hassle free way for Rachel to wash her hair as well as a new weekly tradition. We are so thankful for a good shower - one of the blessings of our new home.
This is a VERY common site. Hannah just LOVES this moon bag and will often be seen walking around with it around her waist.
And here is a photo of the new hair cuts. Although I was quite upset that Hannah's fringe was cut so short I know it will grow and next time I will trim it myself.
Rachel made a thank you card for the man who gave us the chooks and we decided to send him a bottle of chutney as a thank you gift too. He had sent the cake container home with Brendon today. He apparently shared it with people at the office - so it did not last long at all.
Rachel has been enjoying watching the Australian production of "Nutcracker" this week. Another of the free movies I have gotten. It's not actually the "Nutcracker" story - but "The story of Sara" with all the Nutcracker music. It's a ballet about a ballerina. So Rachel really enjoyed it even though we were disappointed it was not the Nutcracker story.
Brendon and I have also been enjoying some movies. Tears of the Sun was really good.

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