Monday, August 31, 2009

Eggs, bread and bed

When Hannah hears anything about going to feed the chooks or collect eggs she makes a bee line for the door. She does NOT want to be left behind.
Hannah taking an egg from one of the nest boxes.
What a blessing to have our own eggs.
Unfortunately I was keeping my sour starter in a plastic container and it went mouldy. Thankfully there is a lady at church who is also making the sour bread and she brought me a cup yesterday. What a blessing to have the starter ready, I could get a loaf of bread started for Ruth today already. I have learnt my lesson though and will not keep it in plastic every again.
Ruth can officially do a 60 piece puzzle all on her own. She does not have any interest in doing the border first, but she plods away and is getting really quick at her puzzle building. Unfortunately the library does not stock many (this was the only one they could find for her) so I will have to find out about the "toy library" that people have mentioned.
When Brendon got home this afternoon he headed straight for bed. He had been nauseous the whole day but from 4 onwards it was just debilitating.

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