Sunday, July 5, 2009

Packing, biltong and cold

By the end of the weekend we already had 10 boxes packed. Here I had sorted through some old papers and Hannah had a dance on them before they got burnt.
The weekend also saw the production of a kg of biltong. This time we decided to go with small strips and I added quite a bit more of corriander at the drying stage. We like dry biltong sticks so we are very happy with the results. I do the prep work and Brendon decides when to take them out the dehydrator.
It's a pity I did not take a photo on the day the temperature in the bedrooms at 1pm was only 5.8. But it is generally under 10. I was so encouraged though to hear the stats for this winter. The last time NZ has been as cold as it was for May this year was in 1950, and the last time June was this cold was 1970. So at least now we know why we have been struggling so much more this winter than last. It really has been a much colder one.

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