Friday, July 24, 2009

Another day off

Unfortunately Brendon was still feeling really bad this morning and spent the morning in bed again. I had to adjust my thinking for the weekend as we had a possible plan to go to Orana Park tomorrow (because the girls were sick on Ruth's birthday) and that would have meant getting a bit of shopping done.
Thankfully I do have much that I have bought in bulk (my last purchase - 25kg of Jasmine Rice). But I was in need of fresh fruit and veg. So realizing the family would not be well enough for us to go out, I just got what I needed from the local store. It is more expensive than in town, but town is so far that unless you have other things to do, it's not worth the trip.
The girls are still coughing a little bit but I was really thankful that for the first time in a while I did not have to get up for either of them in the night. Yes, poor Brendon was up at 3 having a good nose blow and getting himself some meds, but at least I did not have to get out of bed.

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