Thursday, June 11, 2009


Two weeks ago Rachel came home from Brownies very excited because her sixer (the leader of her group - who had been chosen by vote the week before) had chosen her to be her seconder (the 2nd in charge). The job of the seconder is to be a backup for the sixer and so last week Rachel prepared an activity for six time just in case it was needed. The sixer did have something prepared last week but Rachel told her about the "slime" that she had prepared and so the sixer suggested that Rachel bring it with the next week.
So today Rachel got to lead their six time (and I happened to be doing transport today so I could take a photo). Here are some of the girls making their "slime". A fun mixture of water and corn flour (and green food colouring to add to the fun of it).
She even got a bag "seconder" so she is very excited about her position.

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