Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls Bedroom

So now that we have the toy boxes for under the bed, it was time to rearrange the girls room so that Hannah could move in. Here Ruth is helping me measure to see if the bookshelf will fit there.
Although we have already bought a second bunk bed for that spot, Hannah is not ready for a bed yet (and we don't have the mattresses yet). So for now her cot is in the room and she can first learn to share the room with them before we put her in a big bed.
The older girls were so excited about Hannah moving in with them and Hannah was very excited about the change too. When she was ready for her afternoon nap Rachel asked her "where is your bed?" and she came straight to the "Girls room" and was very excited to climb in.
The bunk bed used to be pushed down to that corner but we have tried to keep the beds as far from the window as possible. That mirrored chest of draws used to be where Hannah's cot now is. So the bedroom looks really nice and neat and the girls are excited about the change.

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