Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reading time for Hannah

So you may remember that last week Hannah discovered how much fun it is to sit on the lounge chairs. Well it did not take her very long to figure out how to climb up ON HER OWN. So I regularly see Hannah up on a chair "reading" her books.
And yes, it's official. We now have 3 little book worms in our home. :D
You are such a clever girl. Now you just have to learn to NOT stand.
And she is really enjoying play dough time with her sisters.
I also realized this was a wonderful motivation for Rachel to get her morning school work done quickly. The two little ones start playing and she can only join them when her work is done. So she has flown through her work this week. This has become our "morning tea" tradition, the girls play with the play dough while I makes our morning juice.

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