Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally some play dough

Yes, finally I made some play dough for the girls. The girls started playing with it while it was still warm (it's really nice to work with when warm) but it made Hannah a bit nervous. It took her a while to get the courage to touch it after the first time. And then it was training time to learn to NOT put it in her mouth.
The girls so enjoyed it and I am sure it will become a daily activity.
And it was SO simple to make. Rachel had been given play dough when she was 2 that lasted years and years. We finally gave it away when we moved here (so it lasted 4 years and was played with a LOT - but always packed away nicely). So because she always had play dough, I never found out how to make our own. Now that Hannah is a bit older it's easier as she can join in. She learnt very quickly not to eat it.

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