Saturday, June 6, 2009

Princess Wishes - Photos

So here are the photos of our night out. I even managed to put makeup on and get a photo of the two of us before we left without Rachel even suspecting a thing.

The show was at the Westpac Arena. The big ice rink with a three story "prop" at the back. Rachel was so very excited. It started at 6pm and went on till 8pm. Rachel said it felt so much longer than just 2 hours. She really enjoyed it.
Tinkerbell was so fast my photo was just a blurr. She acted as the MC along with Mickey and Minnie mouse. And she even had sparkly dust that came out her wand.
Aladdin was a lot of fun. The Jeanie was excellent and check out that camel.
"A whole new world". It was so good. And they were so quick again that I just managed to get the shots (sorry they are not in focus).

Snow white and the seven dwarfs. They were a lot of fun.

We did not see the beast but got to see the candlestick.

A highlight was when Prince Eric came down from the 3rd story on a rope. Thankfully I was quick enough to get a shot. The sailors also did a whole lot of tricks which were really good too.
Flounder was also brilliant. Can you notice the skater's head in the top fin.
And what a fun party this under the sea song was.
The wicked octopus woman was done really well.

This was a highlight for Rachel in sleeping beauty. You can't see the dragon really well but it was huge. It shot fire out of it's mouth with caused this fire on the ice. Rachel got such a fright.
Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the step sisters in Cinderella. They were so very funny. It must be really hard to skate so badly. And they must have had cushions strapped to their bottoms because they fell down so many times. The best for Rachel was when on came tumbling completely off the ice.
The finale was brilliant. With all the princesses and princes.
And then Tinkerbell came out in the carriage, went up and then had fireworks going off. It was an amazing end to an amazing show.

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"The Theaart's" said...

WOW! It looks brilliant, and you look good to, with the make-up. What a special night!