Saturday, June 6, 2009

Princess Wishes

A number of weeks ago I bought tickets for Rachel and I to go and see "Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes" tonight. It worked out perfectly with her Ballet Exam being yesterday. It was a "well done" for all the hard work she put into her Ballet for the exam. BUT I decided to keep it as a surprise. It was so exciting for me to plan it and look forward to her enjoyment of it.
I had been thinking about how to get her and I into town when I got an e-mail saying that the storage boxes we had ordered (for under the girls bed) were ready. So we made arrangements to pick them up on Saturday afternoon. They would fit in the back of our "little car" and because Brendon is not allowed to pick heavy things up, it was organized that Rachel and I would drive in to collect them.
After fetching the boxes (which look great) we headed to Burger King for dinner. I also headed to a different section of the sitting area - which had nice big soft fancy chairs. Rachel felt so "special". But I looked at the time and could not believe how much time had flown. I told Rachel (the first mention) that we had to be somewhere at 6, so we had to hurry. Up till that point she just thought we still had some shopping to do. She was so excited and wanted to know where we had to be. So I told her we were going to watch "Princess Wishes". She thought it was a movie and I explained it was a show on ice. We had seen "Sleeping Beauty on Ice" at the State Theatre in Pretoria years back (thanks to Nana and Grandpa) and so when she realized it would be like that she was even more excited.
So we quickly finished our meal, popped next door to the grocery store to get some snacks for the show and where on our way. Thankfully we had enough time as there was so much traffic. There was also plenty of parking and officials on the road directing traffic, so we parked quite close and only had a little walk.
Well, the number of little girls dressed in princess clothes was amazing. So many fancy dresses and crowns. Rachel was so excited to be there though and I don't think she would have worn a crown if we had brought one with. :-)
The show was amazing. The costumes, music, skating. It was lovely. We were even allowed to take photos. So although we had to zoom in a lot I did get a number of pictures. I will post them as soon as I can (details of that story to come tomorrow).
The show finished around 8pm and so we only got home around 9:30 (having left home at 3). Rachel and I were exhausted but we had also had a lovely time out together. I am so glad I could do something so special for her. I know it will be something she remembers for many many years to come.

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