Thursday, June 4, 2009

The newest book worm

Although Hannah enjoys the play dough, she does not hang around too long. Soon she will be off to the books. We keep all the library books (and some of ours that the girls are reading) at the bottom of the TV cabinet (just in front of her) and lately she has been allowed to look through them. Previously she was only allowed board books, but she is very careful with the books and really enjoys paging through. In this photo she is reading Ruth's Baby Story. (Follow this link if you would like to read it - although you won't have the photos). And her favorite page is where she can see Dad. She will always let everyone know she has found "Dada" and when we point Ruth or Rachel out then she will point to them (if they are in the room).
Those shapes behind her are also probably her favorite toy at the moment. She will often ask for the container to be opened so that she can play with them.

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