Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camera news

While we were at the park on Sunday this is what my camera started doing!!!!
So I got no photos in the afternoon. On Monday I checked and it was the same. I then got Rachel's camera out and we found it is not working. We put new batteries in and they won't even switch it on. It was not at all pleasant to not have one camera in the house. I do so appreciate all the technology that we have and it was a reminder of how thankful I am for all that we have.
So we have organized a refund on the return of this one and I managed to find another one. Hopefully we will have her replacement within the next week.
I also did some research on the Internet and it seems possible that there is a faulty part in my camera causing the CCD to fail. There were faulty parts through 2002 - 2004 and my camera was purchased in 2004. I contacted Fuji here in NZ and they confirmed that if it is the said error they will repair it for free. But by Wednesday my camera was working again. So I will wait for Rachel's new one to arrive and then contact Fuji again. There must be some fault with my camera and I don't want this happening again on a special day. Imagine you are just about to take photos of a birthday cake and this happens!!! So I will hopefully get some news on it next week.

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