Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Memories from 2003

We went to the library at least once every week and so the ladies knew Rachel very well.
Our church met in the room above the Pennington Library. Just 10km down the coast from Scottburgh. Often we would have an evening fellowship at one of the homes. These were always wonderful times of fellowship. A photo at one of those meetings with all of the church present. And yes, you see correctly, including us there were only 10 adults. So often during the holiday season we would have more guests than regulars. :-)
Rachel was always very interested in Frank's guitar. The bottom photo was taken at Frank & Lorna's home on one of the occasions where he allowed Rachel to have a play. He was always keen on encouraging young children to play.
The top photo is of Rachel with Graham's ukulele. A few months after Graham died, Frank and Lorna said they would like Rachel to have it. What a very special gift. And it even has a lovely little box that Frank made for it. This will be a treasure for life.
One of our trips to Pretoria during the summer. My sister Gillian came for a visit which was lovely. She found this coconut on the beach and after a bit of effort Brendon got it open. Frank also got us paddle surfing with him. It was exhausting but so much fun.
Gillian also got us into making use of the wonderful beach that we live so close to. Up until her visit - which was later in the year - we could probably have counted our beach visits on one hand. So thanks Gillian for getting us to the beach so often. After your visit we made it at least a weekly outing.
And the beach at Scottburgh includes a supatube. So we had loads of fun here too.

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