Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Family photos 2003

Top left: eating popcorn and catching a movie. Top right: a HUGE snail in our garden. Bottom left: Learning Greek vocab with Dad. Bottom left: Dad did read to Rachel. You can see the HUGE pile of books we got out every week. I must have read them all at least 5 times, so you can understand why we went to the library every week and why Dad occasionally had to give Mom a break. There was the time though when Rachel had to say "Dad - read it properly - you are sleeping" as he had fallen asleep but kept on talking.... :D
Fun with Mom in the kitchen and making music. Thanks to a lesson or two from Frank, I started playing guitar this year.
I was impressed that she made her librarian equipment all on her own (out of her building blocks), including a scanner, stamp and a machine to swipe (to make sure you don't get beeped at when you leave).
Top left: holding a frog. Bottom right: a snail race.
You are very precious to us and we love you very much.
Middle: when Gillian stayed over Rachel slept on a mattress next to our bed. One morning I woke up and could not find her. I looked under the bed and there she was. :D
Bottom right: the ONLY photo I got of Rachel's friend Megan. A 9 year old girl from church. Every Thursday afternoon we would pick her up from school, I would do some reading work with her, Rachel and her would play the most wonderful games and then we went to the old age home over the road for a weekly service. That was also such a special time. It's a pity I don't have any photos from there. We would spend 15 min singing songs with them, then Brendon would teach for 15 min, and then we spent at least half an hour chatting to whoever wanted to chat. I have very special memories from that time. The old people loved having Rachel come and visit them too and she made a few special friends there.

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