Thursday, February 14, 2019

Swimming fun and challenges

Monday 4th Feb: Hannah enjoyed joining in with some other children with their big tube today.
Tuesday 5th: Asher taking a hug from Hezekiah this morning. She often enjoys hugs in the morning. It generally has to be on her terms though.
Fun at the pool this afternoon. It's wonderful to see Hezekiah so quickly confident to jump off the top step.
Didn't get them both in the air at the same time - but still cool action photos.
Wed 6th: Ruth strong enough to hold a very heavy Asher who doesn't have any idea of how big she is getting.
That's a very big baby to have on your hip Ruth. :-)
Anastasia has been enjoying this little horse toy lately. Ruth spotted her lying with her head on the pillow and took this photo. Such a cutie.

Thursday 7th: Brooke brought one of their puppies over for us to cuddle this afternoon.
Friday 8th: Story time with Dad. Anastasia does love books.
She had an odd rash on her legs today. Thankfully it cleared quickly enough.
Sunday 10th: We enjoyed a lunch at friends after church today. Anastasia loved their swing.
Thursday 14th: Senior swimming sports today. Ruth's worst day of the year perhaps. She struggles so much with her swimming but is so dedicated to being a good example and doing her part, that she does as best she can. Every race they swim in gives points to their house. So these are very hard earned points. She loves the water (she has enjoyed the water most out of all of our children) but has struggled the most with the strokes. Backstroke is the easiest as she doesn't have to fight to breath.
(NOTE: Only writing this in September 2019, I have now met a top swimming coach from the USA. She told me that it's because of her body type. She just sinks. She has worked with African Americans and although it's possible to help them - it takes a lot of specific training as they have a huge physical disadvantage.)
With it being Valentine's Day - the children decided at the last minute to send us out for dinner (paid for by them). What a blessing they are. And Rachel even lent me her dress so I had something special to wear.
Thank you girls.
Photos of our dinner at the relatively new local restaurant (as they were eager to know what we had).
It's been a while since Brendon has enjoyed some ribs - so this was a lovely treat.

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