Friday, July 13, 2018

Antarctic Centre

Rachiel had offered to have Asher for a day in the holidays so that I could take the other children out for a day. So I asked Brendon to take the day off and we planned a trip to the Antarctic Centre.
We last came in Feb 2008, just before Hannah was born, so it was really nice to visit again. And thankfully this time the Hagglund ride was included in the entrance fee, so we all got to go on it. Added to that was the KidsFest holiday special, so we only paid for 2 adult entrance and got all 4 children in free.
We didn't get any family photos ourselves, so it was nice to get these from the centre.

Some fun photos at the entrance.
We booked our Hagglund ride in 2 groups so that we could alternate watching Anastasia. I didn't go on the ride 10 years ago as I was pregnant. So I was excited about getting to experience it.
First ride was the three of us.
And then Brendon and the oldest two.
These first hills don't look like much, but they were really fun. My favourite by far. It felt like we were on a rollercoaster, but I felt safe. I couldn't believe how steep we were going up, and just kept going. And then going down the other side was really fast. So much fun.
Then we went over this hill with a big gap. Amazing vehicles.
Over some logs.
And tires.

ABOVE: Then we went over a 7 meter high hill. I love this photo Ruth got on their trip, with the snow capped mountains in the background.
LEFT: Brendon took this photo from the top. Rather high up.
Ruth took this photo from the top out of the back window.
And after the hill we went through this "river" with rows of huge rocks.
What a great thing to do together.
Such fun memories.
While half our group was on the Hagglund, the other half went to have a cuddle with the huskys.
They told Brendon there were two of the dogs that would be good with Anastasia. The others haven't had the same exposure to young children. So she could get up close too.
A lovely colour on this one.
The dogs were very relaxed.
And very used to having loads of people come and pat them. They just make it very clear to not touch their heads.
With holidays and the great special on entrance fee - it was very busy at the first blue penguin feeding. Thankfully not many people realized you could view from above the water (most people headed to next to the glass to be able to see them under water).
Most of the penguins were out the water though, so it was nice to get to see them and hear a bit about them.
See how long you can keep your hands in Artic water. Brendon went over a minute and the numbness was already spreading up his arms. Brrrrrr
And then into the snow room, waiting for the storm.

I was outside feeding Anastasia.
Hezekiah spent a lot of time in the igloo.
Getting some "wind chill".
Getting some photos before it was too busy. It did fill up just before the storm "hit".
I collected photos from my camera, my phone, Brendon's phone and Ruth's phone. The quality in here wasn't great. I was thankful for all the extra memories captured though. And Ruth got the best photos on the Hagglund ride. So on the whole a successful photo day (even if not perfect quality).
Rachel came prepared or the storm with her beanie and gloves.
Anastasia feel asleep at the perfect time and we then got to enjoy 2 4D movies. Such a great experience.
In between the two shows we got to just look around.
Trust Hezekiah to find some huge teddies.
I stood in the line for the next show and as soon as other people started arriving I called them to come and get in the line too. I love this photo and the one below taken during that time.
Please note the King penguin on Hannah's top. She had been looking forward to today from when we mentioned it. And when we were given a bag of clothes to go through, she spotted this and has been patiently waiting to wear it for today.
We had such a great time and made some wonderful memories. We are so blessed and so very thankful.

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