Monday, February 5, 2018

Fancy chairs and family smiles

Thursday 1st Feb. Asher's teacher wanted a photo that she can use at school. So I took this one this evening. Such a lovely smile.
This morning Asher had an MRI under general anaesthetic. They allowed Brendon to take a photo of the machine. Thankfully it all went well.
BELOW: Friday 2nd: Our first children's monthly photo on the new furniture. Much easier to get everyone on.
Asher didn't have a proper school visit today, but I did put her uniform on so that she could get used to it. She also spent the morning at Lynda's home (her first EIE at preschool) and had her school "box" with her. The idea is that she gets to know that it has all familiar activities in. It will be her "safe place" at school, so it was really nice for her to have the opportunity to play with the items in a safe environment (as she has been to Lynda's home before).

The adaptors arrived today so that we could finally get the chairs working fully. Not only the recline, but also vibration. So we had a bit of time to relax this evening.
Asher thought it was fun too.
So much excitement for the children about the lounge suit.
Ruth called me to take a photo of these two in their "onesies".
Saturday 3rd: Ruth having some fun with Asher.
Sunday 4th: Ruth is Anastasia's personal trainer. Look how strong she is holding her head up so well. Ruth often gets her doing "sit ups" where she holds her two hands and Anastasia will pull herself up into a sitting position.
Monday 5th: Hezekiah was busy with his Reading Eggs and Math Seeds this afternoon. It was cute to see Asher go and sit and watch him.

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