Sunday, December 3, 2017

Trip to hospital, tree climb and treat on a BBQ

Sunday 26th: Asher's first seizure was at 9:15am. Brendon needed to leave by 11 with the girls to get them to their surfing lesson in town, so we had already decided it would be easier to miss church. As it was Asher ended up sleeping till 11:30. Unfortunately she was not feeling great once she got up and I had a really hard time with her through the afternoon. She would pace from her bed to the lounge and have really big jerks. Some times she would pace just two steps away from me and then immediately turn around for a hug and a kiss on the head.
It was not only physically hard to watch her and Anastasia, but it was breaking my heart to see her feeling so horrible and not being able to do anything for her. Eventually at 4:30 I was just wishing she would have a seizure so that she could have a sleep and start feeling better. Just minutes after thinking this she did have a seizure, just as Brendon and the girls arrived home. She slept till 6 but to our great concern the pacing started again as soon as she was up. Again with big jerks and often pain on her face. It was a real concern to watch her and then at 6:45 she had another seizure and we decided to call the ambulance. The day has just been so unsettled and it was a bit of a concern with her not "re-setting" after her sleeps.
One of our first responder neighbours popped down before the ambulance even arrived. She could see that Asher was not her normal self after a seizure. The normal Culverden ambulances that come to us were both out, so we had one come from Amberley.
They arrived really quickly and were just as friendly as the other teams we have met before. They decided to put proper leads on her to keep track of her heart rate through the trip. They even put some sticky things on Hannah and Hezekiah (thus the big smiles in this photo). Brendon heard the paramedics saying after the trip that she had been postictal since they arrived at our home. So it was much safer having her in hospital.
I was concerned about Brendon having left before having dinner. Wonderfully friends in town brought him a wonderful meal. I was especially glad as it was after 11 by the time they had been through the Emergency room, Child Acute Assessment and then finally into the ward.
Thankfully she didn't have any more seizure overnight. She was looking much better in the morning and was even speaking a little.
Monday 27th: Thankfully Asher's own neurologist was able to come and see her in the ward this morning. Even though she had been looking much better, she started pacing while the doc was there talking to Brendon. This was a huge blessing - for him to be able to see what we were dealing with so much on Sunday. He immediately wanted to give her an extra dose of her meds to try and "knock it on the head" and get it to clear properly. This thankfully did work and Brendon and the doc got to chat about how to handle things from here. They also discussed getting another MRI done (her last one was when she was 1 years old) as well as getting her on the waiting list for a video EEG (where they do constant EEG for 5 days, 24 hours a day). Although it is unlikely that she has a structural cause or focal point to the seizures, we want to make sure that we are not missing anything.
Ruth had a follow up appointment at the hospital today, so we were able to fetch Asher and Brendon and all be home for dinner.
Tuesday 28th: Neighbours have been having their hedges trimmed this week, so it has made Hezekiah very aware of our hedge.
My happy boy.
Wed 29th: This morning I took Anastasia for SacroCranial therapy. Unfortunately it didn't help the colic but it was still worth going. Before the treatment she would mostly sleep with her legs bent up to the side (froggy legs I always call it). As she was working on her though, I watched her legs just relax. Sleeping this afternoon it was amazing to see her legs straight. I remember struggling to get her legs straight when I took the photos in the Tutu Cute outfit. Her breathing was also very high (in her chest) and I could literally see it moving lower and to more diaphragm (where it should be).
She had such a long sleep through the afternoon. Thankfully she was wonderfully restful after her treatment and so I got a treatment too (half of it with her lying sleeping on my chest). So it was a nice treat for me and good to just have time to rest and be spoilt.
Friday 1 December: Having a game of piggy in the middle this evening.
Asher wanting to be included in the fun - but just wanting a tickly with Dad being low enough to climb on. :-)
Cuddles with Ruth.
And with Hezekiah.
Ruth decided to make some sushi this evening.
Saturday 2nd Dec: Ruth helping Anastasia to get to sleep.
Brendon took Asher to the Christmas party in town this year. She enjoyed getting into the fire engine. It was very popular with a lot of children so they only got in the back (most kids wanted to be in the front). It was nice that someone offered to take a photo of the two of them inside the back of the truck.
The star wars characters are a hit with a lot of the children too. Hezekiah would just love this - so Brendon took a photo for him.

There was another truck that wasn't as popular with the other children, so Asher got to spend loads of time in it. I'm so glad she could enjoy it so much. She again got some lovely presents when they left.

Sunday 3rd Dec: At 6:15pm Asher was outside with Brendon - playing in the playhouse. All of a sudden she just started running toward the house. He thought something was up as she had never done that before. As she got into the house she dropped with the seizure. Thankfully it was again short. It was interesting that she must have known one was coming that she made her way so quickly to the house. Just for those who are wondering - she also has many that are totally out of the blue and get her right in the middle of activities without warning.
We are thankful that she had a seizure free week after last Sunday's crazy day.
Ruth had a disposable BBQ to try out for one of her Guiding badges - so she finally got to try it out today.
Her first plan was egg, but I suggested doing some tomato and banana too (unfortunately we didn't have any bacon defrosted - as that would have made a lovely meal).
Hannah and Hezekiah were thrilled with the results. :-)

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