Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ball, bikes and bags

Monday 2nd: I just love how Anakin is lying here. Just happy to be in arms.
Finger update a week later. It is looking so much better than I thought it would. It's a bit like a blister on the top with the bruising under the nail. I am so thankful it didn't go black. Apparently that will happen really quickly if it's going to happen. So hopefully she won't loose the nail. I still have the mental picture of that finger so swashed.
Getting some practice in this afternoon. Hezekiah making great improvement and staying on his feet after his throw. :-)
In action shot. :-)
They changed places too. A bit of a wide there though Hannah. No chance he could get that one.
I love how Little Miss enjoys following the children outside.
It was a bit chilly out this afternoon. I asked Hannah and Hezekiah to ride with Asher for 20 minutes and then they could go inside and watch a movie. So once that time was up they headed in, but Asher wasn't done. So I joined her again (I surprised everyone and joined her on Sunday afternoon when we were all outside on the deck and the younger ones didn't want to join in). She does love having someone ride around with her. You will often hear her say "Hezekiah - bike" or "Ruth - bike" as she askes them to come and ride.
Asher got back to the dominoes today, and I noticed her stacking up the "same" ones. ;-)
With looking into starting the ketogenic diet for Asher in February, I thought I should make an effort to get cream in the house again so that she can get used to enjoying it. She doesn't need any sweetener in it (which is great) and loves whipped cream on mixed berries. Brendon and I will see the dietitian twice before we start, and we need to bring a food record. So I have started doing that. It has made me aware of trying to bulk her up as much as possible before we start - so she got pieces of pear put in with this meal too.
This evening Ruth got her craft out - the gift she got at the Willows Christmas party. Hannah got her one out too and I helped them to get started.
It was so nice to have Ruth still need a bit of help from me. She does love doing things on her own.
Hannah will need a lot more help, but she is still enjoying it and learning quickly how to do the stitches. Hezekiah quite interested in what is going on.
Tuesday 3rd: It was lovely to see Hezekiah having so much fun with his dinosaurs this morning. He even got Anakin into his game. :-)
It was rather chilly this morning, so although Ruth didn't sleep in her onesie - she put it on when she got up and stayed in it the whole day. She worked on her owl craft bag and by lunch time she was almost done.
Asher managed to get Hezekiah and Hannah out for a ride this afternoon. They had so much fun.
When Ruth heard me getting a photo taken, she ran out to join in. :-) She has been reading quite a bit so that she can get all her Summer Reading check-in's done. The library is open tomorrow - so she got a lot of reading done this afternoon.

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