Friday, April 8, 2016

Champion Centre learn and play

Wednesday 6th April. It was lovely to see Asher enjoying the drums today. She often moves them from one stop to another, but today she played them.
Below I have two groups of pictures of Asher with the Playroom specialist.
1st group: Asher loves tactile experiences, so today she got to enjoy playing with shaving cream.
2nd group: Emma also found these lovely "cutting fruit" for Asher to play with. She thankfully allowed Emma to show her how to do it and quickly picked it up herself. During morning tea later she spent the whole time cutting.

On the way home I had to pick up my shopping (ordered on-line the night before). I took these photos of the fancy trolley they have to show the Occupational therapists. I had told them about how helpful it was to have this when I am at the shop with Asher. She can undo the buckle easily, but at least it keeps her busy as she sits clicking and unclicking. Much easier than running around after her.
Friday 8th: These three had so much fun this morning.

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