Saturday, January 16, 2016


The Waipara Hills Winery near us often has open air concerts. When I saw that UB40 would be playing so close to Brendon's birthday - I thought it would be a nice treat. We have never been to a concert like this, and to see UB40 live is also quite an experience.
At the Christmas party in November, Anna had said she would be happy to baby sit anytime - so I decided to take her up on the offer. It was a real treat to have her come and watch the children so we could have so many hours away, just the two of us.
The weather didn't look too promising, but they were playing rain or shine. The gates opened at 4pm and we arrived just after. Over the next couple of hours there was a fair bit of light rain. Thankfully not enough to make us wet.

At 5:30 Jason Kerrison gave us some great entertainment. It was amazing watching him with his beatbox and how he created such amazing music - just with his guitar. He's a talented singer too. We had seen him years ago on New Zealand's got talent and we recognised him straight away. We hadn't even known he was a singer though. ;-)
We won't say anything about the 6:30 entertainment other than perhaps they should have just had some background music playing. ;-)
And just after 8 it was time for UB40.
Some close up shots to show the kids. :-)
I did love that saxophone.
I've always enjoyed the saxophone and Brendon has always enjoy brass music in general.
A fun selfie.
It's been absolutely ages since we went out on a "date". So definitely worth taking a photo.
Interesting to watch Ali playing his guitar left handed.
It was great when they started playing "Can't help falling in love" as everyone started singing with. As soon as the song was finished, they said "thanks, you have been a great audience" and they all left. The crowd were having none of that. You can't advertise a "Red, red wine concert tour" and not sing Red Red Wine. Eventually the crowd was chanting "red red wine" and eventually they did come out again.

We got 3 more very well known songs. Kingston town.

And finally Red, Red Wine.

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