Friday, October 2, 2015

Amine Challenge

Wednesday 30th: Ruth got to do some painting of her clay creations today. She made a lovely little bowel and a toad stool.
Ruth took this photo of Puss. She sat there looking at something for ages, eventually just resting her head on the toys.

Rachel and I headed out for a bit of a different "outing" today as I had some shopping and some errands to do. It was nice to get some time, just the two of us, to chat. We live in such a beautiful area of the country that it was nice to just stop on the side of the road for a selfie. It was a little windy - but that added to the memory making fun aspect of it all. :-)
Some of the shopping I needed to do was for the Amine Challenge that is getting started on our FAILSAFE diet. Absolutely loads of chocolate and bananas are going to be consumed through the week (as per the dieticians recommendations and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit protocol).
Below: It was rather strange buying so much (especially chocolate as we almost never buy it). And this was mainly for Brendon, Rachel, Ruth and Hezekiah. We had done a bit of a Amine Challenge a couple of weeks ago and Asher, Hannah and myself "failed". So we didn't bother trying again for us. (I got terrible headaches so didn't get even close to a week on the challenge.) We did however want to see if we could find a trigger for Hezekiah's eczema and Brendon's migraines. Realizing that the previous challenge was not long enough, or high enough in Amines to have a clear result for them.
NOTE: Hezekiah "passed" the challenge and so we haven't seen any eczema on him for over 2 months (since starting the FAILSAFE diet). Brendon however "failed" and had a migraine after the challenge. Often Amine reactions can be a bit delayed, so the ideas is that you do the challenge for 7 days and then go back to full elimination. It was after a week of being back on elimination that the migraine came. We know it's related though because Brendon normally has a migraine every 5 to 6 weeks. This time it had only been 2 1/2 weeks since his last one.
This evening these three were sitting chatting (well the older two were doing the talking) and playing with the beads. It was so sweet - I had to get my camera out. :-)
Thursday 1 October. Ruth took this photo of the clouds today. It really was lovely. She notices the clouds often, so it's nice to see the photos she takes when I get to load them onto my computer.
Hannah enjoying a cuddle with Shadow.

I saw Ruth taking the photos of the sky this evening, so I headed out and gave her some tips (like including that little big of the hedge). It really was stunning.
BELOW: 2 October - and I remembered today to get the new children's photo. I enjoyed creating the video with the 4 years of photos.

Asher enjoyed putting all the stencils out, packing them away, and then repeating the process a number of times. The stencils have to have their own spot on the carpet - not touching each other at all. She had loads of fun - as you can see from that sweet little smile.

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