Friday, September 25, 2015

Tutu, pig tails and tactile fun

Tuesday 22nd: Rachel was so excited to wear a proper tutu for the first time. She has a solo dance for the concert this year and will be wearing this black tutu. With pink stockings though (she just wears black to practices as she needs black on for St John afterwards). And her teacher is also making her a green top to help bring it to life a bit. The girls are all wearing their black leotards with simple costumes over, as there will be quick changes between their dances. The girls all do a dance together with very long skirts - which Rachel is also very excited about.
Right: I think every one of us has bumped Shadow's water bowl at some point. Ruth has landed in it at least twice though - when heading too quickly into the kitchen.
Wednesday 23rd: Some cute photos of Asher.
Ruth put cute pig tails in her hair.

Such a sweetie.
Brendon saw the surgeon today and got the stitches out. He is happy with how it is looking (even though still quite swollen). Brendon will have to see a physiotherapist for a while now to help get it moving properly again.
Just keyhole surgery though - so just two holes, one stitch each.
Ruth teaching Asher to jump off the chair. I quickly changed it to a step which was more stable. She had loads of fun though and we all ended up smiling at her laughing.
Once the younger two are in bed, we chat and play games with the older 3. This evening we played Dutch Blitz and had to laugh when all 4 of their first cards were either blue and yellow (my cards didn't fit the pattern unfortunately).
Friday 25th: We had an open session at Champion Centre today - with no set time with the therapist but rather just focussing on lots of tactile play. Asher loved this box of rice and decided the best way to play with it was to be IN it. :-)
With our family watching NZ Master Chef together, we have seen Ruth enjoy arranging her food in very creative ways. :-)
Before bedtime this evening Ruth read to Hannah and Hezekiah. She read "The book with no pictures".
And she read it really well. Just look how much fun it brought. I smile every time I see this photo. :-) Such a fun book. It's available here and you get free international delivery.

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