Monday, July 13, 2015

Fever, frost and fun

Thursday 9th: Asher having fun getting tickled and getting her hair all static (next photo). :-)
Unfortunately she started with a cough today and at midnight had a 5 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. I also noticed she had a fever. So that was most likely the trigger for this seizures. It was rather disappointing for her to just go 4 days since the last seizure - but we know it's related to her being sick. We have her a dose of paracetamol and thankfully she didn't have more seizures through the night.
She was doing fine through Friday too, but at 4:30pm she had a 2 minute Vacant seizure. I noticed that her temperature was up again, so we gave her more paracetamol to keep that down to try and stop more seizures coming.
It's such a contrast to me in how we have to handle any elevated temperature with Asher. With my other children I have always just carefully monitored a fever and kept it safe (ie - under 40) and allowed the fever to do what it's there doing (fighting the infection). It's so different with Asher.
Saturday was quiet for her but then on Sunday at 6pm she had a 3 minute seizure that started while she was in the bath. Thankfully it didn't start too violently (no scream or massive shaking or jerking). Hannah just noticed that she was not moving and that there were a couple of small jerks. She tried to call her and get her to say "hi", but when she didn't she quickly called us and we got Asher out. It then developed into a Tonic Clonic.
Thankfully this was the last one of this group and she didn't have a fever again. The cold she picked up hung around for around a week, but thankfully didn't cause any more seizure activity.
On Saturday I took Hezekiah up to the school play ground after lunch. I was amazed to see how much frost was still around this late in the day.
The wood was still icy too (although it's not as clear on this photo).
I was glad I had a thick jersey, jacket and gloves as it was cold.
Then we had a walk around. This sheep had gotten into a field behind the school rooms. So Hezekiah headed over to it.
The photo below shows you how far he walked. He wanted to see how close he could get to it.
Hezekiah didn't want to go home yet, so we headed to the tea rooms to share a ice cream Sunday. He mainly enjoyed the mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce. Enough enjoyment though that he told Dad that he wants to go to the tea rooms next time too.

Sunday 12th - Asher having fun again on Hezekiah. He was giving her a bit of a ride too.
It's been really sweet to see her playing so much more with him lately.
Monday 13th. 2nd week of Brendon having leave. Last week I was sick and now this week he is sick. He had so many plans of things that he wanted to get done around the house while he was off and it just didn't work out with all the colds going around. He did manage to get a few jobs done though (like cleaning off the ceiling fan and light shade in the dinning room) which was great.
And in the evenings he spent time playing "monkeys" with Hezekiah and Hannah which they loved.
It was so funny though because Hezekiah kept trying to get as many monkeys as he could - rather than getting as few as possible.
And I kept Asher out of their way. She has really been enjoying this stacking toy lately. She takes them all apart, makes balls out of the matching pieces, throws them to you, get them back, takes them apart and starts again.

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