Saturday, July 4, 2015

A smart phone, a sari and a swing

Wednesday 1 July saw a very excited Rachel when her new smart phone arrived. With her holiday coming up, we thought it would be nice for her to be able to take audio books with on it for the trip, and have a better camera on it (to not need a separate camera along). Originally I had asked her if she wanted her own iPod, but she said she had been thinking about getting a smart phone for a while. We chatted to a friend to get some more info on how they work (specifically the internet connection and data) and got some tips on what to look for. We ended up doing some on-line searches on what different phones where available, prices, features and service providers.
We were hoping it would arrive in time for her to use it for the holiday (as we only ordered it on Monday night). We we very impressed with the quick delivery. She has time to charge it up properly and get to learn a few of it's functions. And I have time to load some audio books on for her too.

Time for the monthly children's photo. A nice happy one.

Thursday 2nd July. Last week Rachel had to work the whole day and missed trying on the saris (and I missed taking photos of Ruth and Hannah in them). Mrs M had kept the saris an extra week though, so Rachel got to try one on today.
Just before we got home we saw the moon rising and it was really beautiful.

Friday 3rd and back at Champion Centre. It's been fun to watch Asher develop in confidence and balance with the different obstacles.
Up until now we have avoided any swinging with Asher but I suggested we let her have a short time on it near the end of her time with the physiotherapist. She went wild. She was giggling and throwing herself backwards and forwards (clearly knowing how to get the swing going faster). The physio said normally the swinging calms the children down, so it was very funny to watch how hyperactive it made Asher. She was so wild that I was glad it was only a very short play.
Asher is getting challenged by the new Early Intervention teacher. She has started using picture cards for the different activities she is going to do. And when she is finished she "posts" the photo into this box. The posting she likes, but she has gotten rather upset about some of the items. For example, the previous teacher didn't have books, and when this teacher brought a book out - Asher just flipped out. It was like she could not understand why she would be bringing a book. Didn't this lady know this place was for puzzles. I am glad these issues are coming up though - as this will help us learn how to help her at home when she gets upset about things being different (and she feels out of control).
Saturday 4th and finally their holiday has arrived. Brendon, Rachel and Ruth were out the door by 5am for their flight to Wellington. Then they take a bus up to Taihape - where they will be staying for 2 1/2 weeks with Rachel's best friend.
Ruth will have her birthday just before they come back, so she got her "present" early. And at her request - she got $20 to spend any way she likes.
I am so pleased Ruth has been able to join Rachel on this exciting adventure. She missed Rachel so much when she visited her friend in January - so it was a real blessing that Rachel included her on the holiday this time (and even paid for her travelling costs).
I was pleased Rachel had her new phone with her so she could update me on how things were going through the day.
These girls are really growing up.

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