Sunday, July 26, 2015

A party and a seizure

Ruth did a great job on her "Piggy bank" cake. She even allowed me to help a bit. :-) I was very impressed with how it turned out. We had two photos that we were looking at as samples on-line and I told Ruth that my hope was that it would be better than the first - but I didn't expect it to be as perfect as the second. When I look at these photos - I am impressed with how close we got to the second one. It really did come out nicely.
And although she was away for her birthday and did get a cake on the day - we still wanted to keep up with our family cake tradition. And I am glad we did. Wonderful memories made with these cakes.
A photo with all the cakes. The original piggy bank design and then the extras I made last night (thanks to Brendon's inspiration) with the extra cake and icing we had.
Thankfully Asher had her lunch a little early today, because just as the rest of us were sitting down to have lunch, she started having a seizure. It was a 4 minute vacant and although that sounds like "no big deal" being a vacant one - it generally is with her as again her breathing wasn't great through it.
The party was planned for 2:30 and just at that time Asher had another seizure. This time 10 minutes.
It started off vacant but soon her eyes were flickering. We gave her medication at around 6 minutes and by 8 minutes it was getting more physical. Her legs and arms were more stiff but also shaking and small jerking (like a tonic clonic but not as violent as she often has). During the seizure the first guests arrived. The kids mostly stayed outside to play - which helped. Once it was over Brendon took Asher to the room to try and get some sleep. This was probably the hardest part of the timing of this. With her having had the medication - it was even more important that she get her nap.
If she didn't sleep - she would be walking / falling around "drunk" and unhappy. So I felt like a bit of a grouch having to keep asking the children to keep quiet.
They opened presents (above) and then played inside a bit while Rachel got her "treasure hunt" set up outside (the reason I had children inside having to "keep quiet"). Not ideal - but what can you do? At least once the hunt was ready they could head out and make some noise.
Eventually Asher was up and so we called them inside for cake. Asher wasn't happy enough to be included in the photos unfortunately. She enjoyed being a part of singing for Ruth though.
I couldn't decide between these two photos - so just put them both in. :-) Loads of fun and laughter around the table.
Happy 9th Birthday Ruth.
I hope you had a special day.

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