Thursday, June 25, 2015

Home made Toothpaste

I used this recipe as my inspiration and have made changes to what suits us. If you want more info on the different ingredients - then have a look there as she gives all the reasons why each item is included.
3/4 cup liquid Coconut oil
7 Tbs Xylitol
7 Tbs Calcium Powder
3 Tbs Baking soda
1 tsp Trace Minerals
1 tsp each of Essential oils: Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemon
I blend this all together (often just blending the xylitol first so that it's nice and fine). As in the first photo - it does separate a few minutes after I put it in this container. I just stir it a couple times and as the coconut oil starts to go back to a solid form - it binds in with the rest of the ingredients again.
We have chosen to not use water and increase the coconut oil as the base. The tricky thing with coconut oil is how hard it gets when it's cold. So we just have a spoon in the container and everyone can just scoop out what they need and put that on their toothbrush. It works for us.
And we don't rinse our mouth with water after brushing as there is no need. The longer all these goodies can have contact with the teeth - the better.
For those in New Zealand wondering where I get the special ingredients. I buy most things on-line as we don't have shops around us.

Xylitol. The main sweetener the children use - we don't use sugar any more. I get mine in bulk from Annies.

Coconut oil. We use a lot of this - so we buy a big 18kg bucket at a time and that lasts us many months. We don't use any other oils - other than a combination of coconut oil and olive oil in making mayonnaise. I get mine from Blue Coconut. If you haven't bought coconut oil before - don't buy fermented. I also like this one as it's a bit cheaper than the high grade - and another advantage is that the taste is not as strong. So Rachel prefers this one to the more expensive one I bought before.

Calcium Carbonate. I buy this from the US through iHerb. Even with International shipping it's cheaper getting things from them (I buy the Now brand essential oils from them too). And the delivery is really quick too. If you haven't bought from iHerb before - please use this link or my code: BPN405. You normally get a discount on your first order (which may cover postage costs), and I will get a reward voucher too.

Trace Minerals. These can't be imported - so the NZ supplier I use is HealthPost. If you haven't bought from them before and would like to - please send me your e-mail address and I will send you an "invitation". If you then order through that invitation - I earn a $10 voucher. :-)

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