Sunday, May 31, 2015

Making and breaking the ice

Friday morning started off at a low -8. No wonder there was so much ice on so many of the windows this morning.
By the time Ruth, Asher and I left for Champion Centre, it was -1 in the garage and -3 out on the road.
I have asked Ruth to practice her camera skills while we are there and get some photos of Asher. I am normally too busy with her or talking to the therapists, that I don't get to take any shots.
So this was a nice one of her with the early intervention teacher in her special high chair. Asher is so used to having time in here each week that she happily climbs in. She already has a few favourite toys.
The rooms are rather warm and we always make sure we have a short sleeve shirt underneath. So strange to be in a t-shirt when it's so cold outside.
Asher wasn't terribly happy this morning (possibly aggravating this was that I forgot to give her the hemp oil concoction she normally has in the morning - which she calls her "juice"). The teacher found this lovely "new" toy though and as she shapes went down they each made a different noise. Asher loved it, and smiled at us with each one.
After dinner Rachel headed off for the Queen's Birthday weekend St John camp. The older children having an extra night and morning.
And then on Saturday morning Ruth headed off to camp. Thankfully she got a lift from friends just half an hour from us. These are the same friends that Hannah and Ruth will be staying with in June when Brendon is away for a week of training in Australia. We have not gotten to visit with them for a number of years, so I wanted to give Hannah a chance to meet them before the week's visit. So we arrived a bit earlier than when Ruth was due to leave so that Hannah could have her around and help her feel more relaxed. It wasn't needed though. Both Hezekiah and Hannah immediately felt "at home". I could not believe how relaxed Hezekiah was. Within minutes of us arriving, he headed off and started chatting to two of the boys who were playing uno. It helped that he recognised the cards and could say "we have that game". I heard him asking them what their names were, what their mother's name was. It amazed me how relaxed and confident he was. And it made me very proud.
Hannah had such a good visit that she is really looking forward to going and staying with them now (she was a bit nervous before today). And Hezekiah is a bit upset that he won't get to have a "sleep over" too. :-)
We got home just before lunch, got everyone fed and then Asher and Brendon had a nice long afternoon nap. Brendon has been looking tired lately, so I was really glad he got these extra hours of rest.
In the afternoon Brendon took Asher outside and as it was overcast - he let her get on the trampoline. Unfortunately she had a 1 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. We don't know if it was just her "weekly" seizure or if it was triggered by the sunlight (that was just peeping through the clouds when I got out there).
On Sunday morning I realized that it has again had the result that when she is outside with Brendon, if I hear someone running towards the house - I immediately go to check if it's Asher having a seizure. Things like this have just become part of life I suppose.

Sunday morning fun with Mum. With Ruth away it was Hannah behind the camera. It was nice that she had an opportunity to learn how to take photos.
She called Dad over to do some silly faces.
Then Hezekiah started tickling my stomach - so he got attacked (tickled) back. :-)
Then after lunch Hezekiah headed off with Brendon for some fun at the park.
Just as they were leaving Brendon got a call to help out with something on the farm. So they spent an extra hour there on their way. Hezekiah told me about how he waited in the truck. I think it was still exciting for him to just be there though.
The two special men in my life. :-)
And Hezekiah finally got his turn to get up on the sheep statue.

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