Friday, March 27, 2015

Toys, taps and tomatoes

Monday 23rd: Asher decided to unpack the whole toy basket this morning. It seemed there was something specific that she was looking for, and once she had it she packed the other toys back. :-)
LEFT: A bit later - chilling with an iPad game. So sweet. She doesn't spend much time on the iPad, but when she does she has a few favourite games.
RIGHT: I had to smile when I saw Puss, tucked up for a sleep in the box by Hezekiah.

And later in the morning the middle three got a fun game going. Here they were all having a sleep (which only lasted a few seconds).
In the afternoon they enjoyed watching the man fix the kitchen taps.
Tuesday 24th: We were blessed with 2 big bags of tomatoes today.
We have also gotten a few packets from a friend through the weeks. It has been such a blessing to have freshly picked tomatoes for everyone to enjoy. Ruth took a photo of one of them as she was fascinated with how different it was inside.
We were given some corn too and decided to try cooking them in the microwave with the husks still on (as I had seen on-line). Chop off the end and grip the top (with all the stringy bits) and it just slips out. No mess, no fuss. The children enjoyed sweet corn for lunch.
These two enjoying their typical wild playing.
They are so alike and get along so very well.
I made a "wacky" cake in the afternoon. No flour, no eggs, no sugar, no dairy. Brendon, Asher and I all enjoy it. I want to tweak the recipe a bit though and then I will post my version of it.
Wednesday 25th: At 5pm Asher had another small vacant episode. Again her lips went very pale though it. We were thankful it only lasted 1 1/2 minutes.
Thursday 26th: At 7pm Asher had another small vacant episode. Again her mouth went very pale but again it was short and didn't last more than a minute.
Friday 27th: I took the photo to the right this morning. Asher is doing really well with this stacking toy and I saw her getting them all in the right order today.
At 5pm she had a 2 minute Tonic Clonic. When it started she shouted and just fell right back. Brendon ran to her but didn't get to her in time. Thankfully her bottom did hit the ground first - so her poor head didn't take the full impact of the fall. Normally she would have a nice solid sleep afterwards but this time she just didn't. After an hour and a half she was still tired and not her happy self. She didn't want to eat and was just so unhappy. The photo below was taken during this time. Not sleeping - but tired. She will only take Mum, Dad or Ruth in these times. So sweet to see her getting a cuddle from her big sis.
I wrote to my homoeopath friend about how she was doing and she suggested a dose of a remedy I had. I gave her that and not long afterwards she vomited. This was obviously exactly what she needed as she then asked for milk (which she had not done through the last hour and a half). She then slept while she nursed and then had a nice good sleep. When she woke she had a good dinner and was back to her happy self.

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