Sunday, March 1, 2015

A car and a club added to our garden

Tuesday 24th saw some excitement for Hezekiah. When I dropped the older girls off for Ballet I picked up this scooter for him (I got really cheap of a local buy sell fb page). He was so excited.
That added to the excitement of Dad arriving home with this old ute. Once I was back we managed to the the ute off the trailer.
I am sure he is going to spend many hours out here playing. :-)

Thursday 26th saw Asher, Ruth and I heading into town for Asher's follow up hearing test. We left just after 7am and hit the traffic before we even reached town. We knew there would be traffic with a 9:30am appointment.
I have to smile when I think of all the people in Johannesburg and Pretoria who do this every single day - for a much longer period that what we were in it. The traffic actually eased up nicely once we got into town and it kept flowing and we managed to be on time (even with the extra long walk from the temporary parking area).
Ruth took this photo of what was behind us (below). Something so foreign for her. :-)
The hearing test went well. The man actually said "she is really clever" and so this made it a bit tricky.
She picked up the timing of the "toy" that would light up just after the sound - and so often she would look for it without the sound prompt. They are comfortable with how much she is hearing though - so at least we know that is not an aggravating factor in her slow speech development.
Thankfully we were back by lunch time (one advantage of an early appointment) and so Asher could have her afternoon nap as normal.
Ruth then joined Rachel and Hannah outside for their first meeting. I'm not sure if their club has a name (I must remember to ask them), but it does all seem very official. :-)
Friday 27 saw the girls out for another meeting before lunch. They are talking about meeting every day. I know that won't end up being very practical, but I hope they do manage to keep it up a couple of times a week. So special to see them having so much fun together. And Hezekiah joins in too (with more flexibility).
Rachel had a kitchen day today. She had a very productive morning. She made an apricot slice, an apricot crumble (I got a box of really ripe apricots at a great price on Thursday in town), a big batch of wraps for their lunches and even almond milk for Dad. At lunch time her birthday cake was in the oven too.
She worked really well today and I was really impressed with how well she multi-tasked and got the speed up on getting things done.
So in the afternoon the cake was cool and ready for the freezer, 3 big lasagne dishes were made (2 go in the freezer) and I got stuck in once Asher was in bad and while she did all the parts to the lasange, I got a few things done too: some cashew milk (for Asher and I - the red lid warning Dad to stop - it's not his bottle), Chocolate pudding (for me from the cashew milk), and hot chocolate mix (just cocoa, stevia and salt - ready to use for a healthy hot chocolate - Brendon and my "go to" hot drink now that we are off coffee for a while). As well as helping Rachel were I could and doing dishes as they were needing to be done. It has been great working with Rachel lately and getting so much accomplished. She is such a big help to me and I am so thankful that she so enjoys working in the kitchen. I am always so happy to just come and wash dishes for her and leave the cooking up to her.

Once her lasagne was done she headed out with her bow and arrow. Her new arrows had arrived this morning - so there was much excitement to "test them out".
The girls are all very impressed with how strong Hezekiah is. He is able to pull the bow string back on his own, Rachel just helping a bit with the aiming.

So cute to see in this photo that he had closed his eyes when he let go. :-)

Hannah getting good technique in there too.

No photos from Saturday (and it's too long ago to remember what happened). I know the girls were really diligent and got meetings in every day for a few days in a row.
I got this photo on Sunday though - of Hezekiah enjoying some lego fun with Dad.

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