Thursday, February 5, 2015

Balls, bands, books and a bunny

Now that there is more space in the garage and a desk for the children to use - Hannah and Hezekiah have been spending loads of time out here. Funny how their table was kept clear but the freezer got stocked up. Apparently that was the shop. :-) So I suppose it makes sense. :-)
On Monday morning at 7am, Asher had a 1 minute seizure.
It was really strange again because she looked like she was concious. She seemed scared by it.
Thankfully I could just talk to her and reassure her through it.
Right: Tuesday 2nd: Asher and her love for balls.
Holly had said she would bring a meal on Tuesday night and I felt really spoilt to have the afternoon off. So I made myself a cell phone cover out of loom bands. When Ruth saw it - she decided she would make a cover for our iPod. I was her assistant and it was fun working together on getting it done. So not quite a "parent child outing" but a great time together - just the two of us.
We then had a delicious meal with Holly and then enjoyed even better fellowship with her after the children headed off to bed.
Wednesday 4th saw us start a new, very simple "chore list" for the children. One of the items on that list is "read to sibling". Unfortunately it's just not something that happens naturally. I am sure this gentle reminder to get to it will be enjoyed by all. Hezekiah chose Three Little Pigs today.

On Wednesday evening at 6pm Asher had another 1 min vacant seizure. So even though we have been keeping her away from the pool - she continues to have regular seizures.
And then Ruth and I sorted through the Noddy books (getting them in order) and Ruth started with book 1 today. I loved how Hezekiah stood playing with Ruth's hair while she read.
Hezekiah enjoying some cuddle time with Patches. She is so patient with him. He often takes her to his bed and puts a blanket over her.

Thursday saw Ruth getting some pictures of Patches with the remains of the rabbit she caught last night.
Asher is always so excited when I tell her we can go and say hi to Dad (knowing that he will arrive home soon from his missed call). She knows the routine and helps him get his clothes to change into. Lately she has started trying on his stinky work pants once they are off. She even takes his work short to the wash and just managed to throw it in. She is such a sweetie.
I think Ruth took these photos of Hezekiah "riding" the dog toy. It looks a bit like he was a cowboy on his horse, swinging his hat.
I always smile when I load the photos onto my computer and get all these extra surprise ones.
I haven't gotten round to asking her if she took this photo herself or got someone else to take it for her. She loves trying different things with her loom bands and this was her latest creation.
For a couple of days I have been smelling something really disgusting in this cupboard under the sink. So this afternoon Brendon and the girls emptied the cupboard (I thought there might be something dead in there). It ends up just being scraps that had been messed on the paper. So it was time for that bit of paper to be replaced (and the scraps container in the cupboard to be scrapped too). And as the cupboard was empty, Rachel suggested we put paper on the bottom shelf. It does make the cupboard look so much nicer. So I'm glad we got to it. Perhaps over the next few months we can get to the other cupboards too.
I use sample bits of wall paper that I got from a paint shop - so nice strong paper that is pretty too. :-) Thanks for your help Rachel.
Rachel is also reading Noddy to these two. I think she is enjoying the stories again too. When it gets close to bedtime we have to sometimes tell them "that's the last chapter for today". :-)
And for some strange reason Hezekiah said he wants to sleep in the chilly bin. It only lasted a couple of minutes and I think he realized it was just too small. :-)

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