Thursday, January 29, 2015

Loom, vet, tickle, pie fun.

Monday26th. Ruth got invited to a birthday party on Thursday, so she quickly got searching on-line for ideas for making a loom band present. I had fun helping her and we worked quite a bit of it and finally had it finished on Wednesday afternoon.
Two flower pots with a couple of butterflies.
The flower pots themselves where quite tricky. Both Ruth and I were almost finished one when a band snapped and we had to start over.
With Brendon having the week off he has a plan to start sorting the garage out. So one of the things that got done was bringing the kitchen stand thing in. It's a nice safe way for the little ones to be up high enough to watch. The kitchen is not really big enough, but Asher just loves watching any cooking that is happening and she is getting rather heavy. So it's going to be very handy having it in. She very quickly learnt how to climb up and down. Hezekiah is enjoying it too.
On Tuesday Brendon took Shadow for her check up. Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah went with. Ruth took a photo but with a funny setting on my camera (without realizing it). So I had a very funny photo.
The kids then helped him wash the car. Thankfully Asher was not too interested. I didn't want her getting wet and then cold in the wind.
Brendon took the other 3 up to the pool in the afternoon. I stayed and enjoyed more tickle time with Asher. :-) A friend came and asked Brendon how Asher was doing and so he told her about trying to find a wetsuit for her to use. She said she had a 1 to 2 year old wetsuit that she would happily lend us. So we were excited about trying that out.
A friend was getting two cattle beast cut up and asked if we wanted to buy some of the meat. We were pleased to get our freezer stocked up with a bit more meat and she ended up buying our "old" dinning room suit off us. She also mentioned the Hurunui Buy Sell fb page and on the same day that I joined, an osteopath joined and "advertised" her practice - just half an hour from us. We were so pleased to have someone that close (compared to having to travel 1 1/2 hours - one way - to our chiropractor). I was even more pleased when I was able to get an appointment for Brendon for Wednesday.
So Brendon and Ruth headed out on Wednesday for his appointment. Ruth was treated to a pie for lunch.
She got a few tips on massage too. Brendon had a good hour session and didn't even realize how many stiff muscles he had - especially in his neck and right up the back of his head. Hopefully this will help to reducing his headaches. He will see her again in about a month's time.
On Tuesday Hannah and Brooke had made a big mess in Rose Cottage - taking water, sand and mud in.
Brendon had told Hannah she would have to clean it on Wednesday, and if Brooke came over she could ask her to help. Brooke and Logan came over and I was amazed to see Logan start cleaning. He took the shelves out and cleaned those down and they all got busy sweeping the floor and cleaning the outside really well too.
It has been a shop this week and they kids have all spent ages playing out there.
Ruth was pleased to join in when she got back and then Brendon helped repair their stove.
Logan had even brought some of the stones for in front of their shop - to serve as the drive through. They have a few customers who drive through on their bikes. :-)
So much fun.
School is starting up next week and I know the children are going to miss having the friends visiting so often.
We managed to get the wetsuit from our friends today and so decided to give it a try in the afternoon. She looked so very cute in it.
I took the photo at home because we realized there was no guarantee that it would help her. It started off really well and I was even able to get in and enjoy cooling off. She enjoyed about 15 minutes of swimming before the first jerk came. A few seconds later there was another one and so I headed out with her. It ended up only being about a minute vacant seizure - but it was enough to get us all bundled up and home. So no more outdoor swimming for this little munchkin this season. I am glad we tried though - as she does enjoy it so much. And at least she got an extra 15 minutes of swimming in.
Having some fun with the girls with the funny camera setting Ruth found.
Unfortunately on Thursday Brendon woke with a horrible migraine. He ended up having to take a 2nd dose of his migraine meds (which he hasn't had to do for a while). It may well have been a reaction to the osteopath treatment he had yesterday. The muscles in his neck and up the back of his head were very sore, and it knocked him for the whole day. Hopefully this is just part of the process of healing for him.

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